Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hey Y'all!

Hey Y'all! Sorry to be such a stick in the mud B O R E these days. I've been busy with the daily chores of life and trying to do some designing and a couple of layouts. I did get a bunch of things designed for the SAS April Color Challenge and when it's totally finished I'll post the link here of course! I did a layout to submit to a military challenge at SAS too; it's my dad when he was just 22 years old and in the Army. I'm glad he sent me these photos a few years back because all the photos that he and my mom had have gone to live somewhere else and probably never to be seen again by me or my family! I have had a hard time deciding what was too much and what was too little for this particular layout; never seemed to have that problem before. Dad certainly was a nice looking man. He's almost 89 now but was still youthful looking and vibrant until a few years ago when he was put in a nursing home.

Soldier Boy 1941
BG Paper-Nov Mega Kit, Paperblitz Paper Tag, Flower-Mar ColorChallenge PB, & Satin
Ribbon w/eyelets-Feb Color Challenge PB: BooLandDesigns; Mesh-Serendipity: Lisa
West; all available from Stone Accents Studio; Journal Spot-Me; Army insignia
downloaded from the Internet; Font: ckBecky; Photoshop CS3

Yes, the squirrel is still in the attic, I'm rapidly aging, and Kim's health isn't any better than it was last week. I did get to see her and the children yesterday because of a teacher work day. Hope to be back soon with the Challenge freebie.



Vicki C said...

Totally COOL layout Liv!!

Kara Ward said...

I loved the mesh or wire you used...so inspiring.Kara