Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Nerve of Some People!

Like this wall hanging? This wonderful photo was sent to me by my EX-friend, Kara Ward! And that was after I sent her one of the sweet and gushy notes I am known for (LOL)! Don't you think I get enough abuse from the live critters, Kara? Now what do you think of this young lady sending this to your tired, old, friend Liv? All together now: pppphhhhhhggggggttttt!

Actually, it gave me quite the laugh! It's nice when others help you laugh at yourself-breaks up that tension at the back of the neck. The truth is that I have always loved squirrels, and they me. When I lived in Virginia, I had squirrels coming at me from every direction! I fed them and they would all wait in the front yard for me to get home and then mob me when I got out of the car! I also had Blue Jays that would scout for them by sitting up at the front of our neighborhood then fly in front of my car leading the way back home, screeching at the top of their little lungs. Yes, just call me Cinderella! I have photos of my little menagerie. Maybe I should share them? I'll have to dig them out of those old photos books that have never been digitized.

Here is the challenge layout that I did for Jessica Sprague's Spraground:

Cutest Kids In The Whole Wide World (Spraground Challenge using Meredith Fenwick) Papers: Meredith Fenwick - Polka, blue, green, and pink (recolored); Alpha: Meredith Fenwick Transparent (love them!); Puzzle tray title: Maya's Digital Elements @ Scrapbook Graphics; Font: Angelina, downloaded from Internet; Software: Photoshop CS3

We were required to use some papers and elements that the wonderful Meredith Fenwick donated for the project which included the papers you see and those wonderful clear alpha. Since I was showcasing her designs I made the layout simple. Those are my four grandchildren in August 2000.

Any way, I hope y'all are all having a wonderful Sunday and if you have the time you might want to check out a memorial to my Uncle Wilber that has been posted on You Tube by my Cousin Kent and his wife Deanie; it last about 6 minutes.



Deb S. said...

Aww Liv, I'm glad you can still laugh after all you have been and still are going thru! Good for you! It helps to keep your sense of humor right? :) Take care!

Flergs said...

Oh man you are a hoot.

I have so much to catch up on. But I can imagine those critters up in the roof making all that noise. Having a mouse is bad enough!!

Off for more reading hehe.

Kara Ward said...

Okay, now I am picturing you like the Cinderella character in Enchanted with all the little critters! I am so sorry for the abuse. You just tickled my fancy with your humor and your mug shot of the naughty critter. I am waving the peace flag and will continue to pray for no more pest to move into you home! Wink, wink-Kara

Donna Lynn said...

Dearest Liv,
So glad you can laugh over the squirrels...did you get rid of them yet? It was so funny to see the picture she sent you, glad it made the tension lessen!
Hugs to you, Donna Lynn