Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm back (continued from earlier post)

Hey. Well, I've taken some photos of the mess upstairs; I don't know why but I feel better when I talk to y'all. Maybe it's because you all pay more attention to me than others do. Anyway, see where I was crawling on my belly? My face has started burning from the fiberglass, even though I showered right after doing this.

I am so afraid of fire. I don't want to harm the little varmints, I just want my life back.



Donna Lynn said...

I wrote a huge old comment and it got deleted by blogger being down today for awhile! Dang! It was all about how sorry I was for what you went through today, about how awful those squirrels are, about how sad I am that you hurt yourself on the insulation too! Oh and I hope and pray you will get those buggers out of there so you will be able to sleep peacefully again soon...Liv please email me if you want to "talk" longer,
Love and big hugs,
Donna Lynn

Charmingdesigns said...

Wow, your poor head! Those animals!! Laurie

Kara Ward said...

You need to be careful. I have know people to fall through the ceiling. YIKES! You poor baby. You need to call for the Critter Catchers. You are going to end up looking like my poor Sutton when he kisses kitty cats. Kara