Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Boy For An Overnight!

Hey Y'all! My youngest grandson, Joshua, has been spending the day with me and now we are in the midst of an 'overnighter!' So far we have played picture dominoes, regular dominoes, the memory game, and the latest thing was this marvelous layout he made in my scrap room. I put all the stuff out and he chose the papers, photos, and elements that he wanted to use. I think he did a great job for an 8 year old! He asked that I post it on the Web so here it is!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.



Vicki C said...

WOW... way to go Joshua!!! I'm totally impressed! Great design!

(hey Liv.. if you need some vintage sheet music... send me your addy.. I'll share with you, friend!

Charmingdesigns said...

I enjoyed your blog! I LOVE the digi scrapbooking stuff. I only use it for my blog. I love to hear what "shops" you like...where is the stone accent studio?? Thanks Laurie

Charmingdesigns said...

Thanks for coming by. I looked around your blog...AFTER I left a message and saw all the sites...I'm still checking it out. THanks! Laurie

Vicki C said...

tee hee.. that's funny that you would know I love lauries little birdies...because Miss Laurie has been a good blog friend of mine for some time now. I have one of those sweet little birdies sitting on a spoon , right here on my desk, that she sent me. She is so talented and sweet! You are soooo right... it is something I like! lol You know me well! lol