Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy Tuesday!

Hey y’all! It is a Happy Tuesday for me! NO, the squirrels are not gone. I called the critter place today and they said Thursday afternoon and Friday that they are planning to come out and begin the restoration of the house and setup of the traps. I’m happy because Kim, my oldest daughter, came down to see me today. It was just the two of us and we went to the small town just south of me called Monroe. For some reason that is beyond both of us, we have never gone into the town; we’ve been to the local Wal-Mart and such but not the downtown area. Oh what fun we are going to have this summer! There are all kinds of little boutiques and consignment shops and bistros and salons. We went into this marvelous dress shop that had items I’ve not seen before and they are so reasonable. I bought a spring purse, a two piece blouse set, a pair of crocks, a dress and a sweater for Kim and it was all under $100! The dress is adorable and looks so good on her. It is done in predominantly pinks and some greens with a tiny bit of white; it is lined and has 1 inch wide straps. She had to dash back home so I didn’t get a photo of it. We had a great lunch at a bistro that fed us in style for (are you ready for this?) $5 each plus our drink! It was such fun walking in the sunshine and greeting people on the sidewalks and in the stores. The next time we go I’m going to bring my camera (a la Vicki C) and take some shots of the beautiful little shops and such. There was a curio shop that we passed on the way out of the town that we’re going back to check out soon. It had loads and loads of beautiful vases, jugs, and dishes in the window. It’s the first time I’ve actually enjoyed an excursion out in a long time-I’m a definite ‘home body.’

After Kim dropped me back home, I went out back to take some photos of my neighbor’s roses that are tumbling over their white fence.

My neighbors are all yard and garden nuts and it drives them bonkers to live next to the ‘black thumb’ of the neighborhood. I get the best of views for no work what so ever! The sun is so strong now that it is actually bleaching the color out of the flowers!

This is their beautiful Dogwood tree:

A shot of the back lake:

This is the view from my front porch (there is a large lake with an island in the center but you cannot tell it from this angle):

When I got back in I decided to take a photo of my beautiful store bought Gerbera Daisies. Their color is so vibrant and they are so large and just shout “Spring!”

They really are this pink!

I finished a layout yesterday! Yea, me! I did it for a ‘we can build it’ challenge at Scrapbook Graphics. I had to use a solid background, a round cornered, printed photo mat, an acrylic element, a metal clip, and 3 colors. I think it turned out sweet of my long time gone Aunt Margaret when she was a young woman. I need to do more layouts and stop blog hopping so much! LOL! I get on this computer and the time just flies by when I’m online. Anyway, here it is:

Aunt Margaret in 1944, at Byrd Park, in Richmond, VA BG Paper, Caramel Pudding Swirl, Staples: Flergs (at SBG); Vintage Envelope and Clock Face: Traci Sims (at SBG); Plaid Paper: Amanda Kay Laborte (Sunshine Bunch Freebie); Sheet Music and Bird Shape: Vicki Chrisman's Personal Stash (thank you, sweets); Transparent Heart: Meredith Fenwick (at SBG); Rose: Vickey Morrissey (at Scrapbook Elements); Font:Balloon Bold MS; Prepared for Web: Paint The Moon (at O'Scraps); Software: Adobe PCS3

Y'all all have a wonderful Spring day and know I'm thinking 'bout cha! Tootles!


Donna Lynn said...

Darling Liv,
What fun you had with your daughter! I adore where you live, the lake looks so stunning...you blessed woman you! You need to post a picture of your daughters dress, it sounds beautiful! So glad you got away from the squirrels for the day and had a lovely time, that should help ease your stress level for sure!
Big hugs,
Donna Lynn

Deb S. said...

So glad you had a fun day with your daughter! You really live in a beautiful area Liv.Thanks for sharing the photos of the flowers and the lake.I love your lo that you did of your Aunt margaret,so cool....

A Romantic Porch said...

I love your scrapbook page, and the daisies are breathtaking! Love,Rachel

Kara Ward said...

You out did yourself with the lovely layout. It is well-balanced with fabulous embellishments. I love the photo and the story. Just a treasure! Kara