Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Now I'm Scared!

I have to vent some more. This morning the momma squirrel was building more on her new nest and driving me batty as usual. You know that she is there and making all that noise but you can't see her to actually know what she's doing. Anyway, up to the attic I went to fuss at her and maybe get some peace for fifteen minutes or so. Shining my flashlight back into the corner where I heard her, I saw bare copper wire! "Dear Lord, please don't let me lose my home or life because of squirrels." I kept saying this over and over while I was trying to come up with a way to crawl over into that corner, under the eaves, to wrap the wiring that they exposed. So, I went downstairs, put on old clothing and lace up shoes (for stability), then psyched myself up for the task. I am claustrophobic; have been all my life ( a looong time). I didn't have anything light weight and sturdy to place over the ceiling beams except for an old crib I bought for my first grandchild 18 years ago! I got down on my old knees and pushed it toward the far corner; luckily it moved fairly easily. I got my electrical tape, carpet knife, flashlight, and a piece of water hose that I split to give further protection to the wiring. I started hyperventilating and said a prayer to calm myself and to let God know that I needed Him for this. So down on my belly to scoot to that corner and check the damage. Blown-in fiberglass insulation is nasty! I know I breathed it into my lungs and it was all over my face, neck, hands, and clothes. Well, I found numerous chewed places on the power cable; I wrapped two that had been chewed to the copper and slipped the piece of hose over the worse one for extra protection. But, y'all, I know there are many more places throughout the attic that I cannot see! What should I do? Call an electrician for sure but aren't they going to say that I have to have the entire house rewired? I'm so stressed right now . . . I'm going to come back and finish this post later.

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Sweet Repose said...

You go girl!!! I once had a possum in the crawlspace that is an otherworldly sound. Good to see another older gal doing what she loves and keepin up with the younger generation.