Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good Morning!

Good Morning Friends!

It's Saturday morning and I'm finally feeling a little better from the "yuk" I caught while in DC. I want to post about my Uncle Wilber's funeral but am waiting on some names I need. You will not believe what happened! I'll fill you in soon.

Guess what? My beautiful and talented friend, Megan Farrow (aka Flergs), sent me the nicest gift for Easter! She's such a sweetie and I really appreciated being able to get some of her new kits. Yes, I know Megs, you didn't expect me to use the gift certificate on your stuff but I found some that I didn't have! Check these out y'all:

Cherry Blossom Borders:

Cluster Borders:

Nana's Secret Garden:

Aren't these the most beautiful and romantic kits you've ever seen? I love them and don't know how I missed Nana's Secret Garden (I could have sworn that I had all of Megan's kits). Thanks again, Little One, for remembering me!

Well I'm off to pick up the grocery order. I hope to post about Uncle Wilber soon so check back!


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