Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm Rated!

Hey Y'all,
Got an email today from the folks at Their editors rated my blog! What fun! I signed in and added some reviews and favorite blogs of mine . . . hope they are picked up and rated by Blogged too!
Kim is back home from her latest stint in the hospital; this time they stabilized her in less than 24 hours! The children are all back in school now and the sports thingy is starting and it always takes up most of their time. Suzy has added Cross Country to her growing list and she is also excited about her Journalism class. Joshua is always up to something in sports so I'll report on him soon. Timothy is in his last year and I'm sure he's happy about that (guys just don't seem to like school). Tabitha hasn't given me a rundown on her new school yet but I'm sure she's going to do great.
I'm still working on the Fall Splendor Kit and trying to scan in more of my Dad's photos. Cousins Kent & Deanie found my Grandfather's Army registration! That was so fun to see. They are working really quickly on a family tree for the Dunaways.
I'll be back as soon as I can get something done.


M.Kate said...

Congrats Liv :D

Vicki C said...

YAY for you Miss Liv!!!
Glad Kim has gotten out of the hospital and if it had to be..that is was a quick one and that they got her on the mend and back home quickly!
Hope you are doing well friend!