Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It was 'Monkey in the Middle'

Hey Y'all!

Well, my layout 'Monkey in the Middle' was the layout that was chosen for Layout of the Day for yesterday. And, of course, things don't seem to ever go smoothly so the layout was plastered all over the site-on every page that was pulled up-but in the forum a lady named Nancy was given the LOTD credit! I have to say that my name was under the layout everywhere it was displayed and did this old gal good to feel important for a few minutes. If you don't remember which one it was go HERE.

I'm almost finished with the Fall Splendor Kit and I think I'm going to release a bonus/preview of it a little early to 'whet your whistles!' If after I get back from doing groceries tomorrow I have time to zip and label and upload I'll post it then-if not then on Friday. So check back in ;)

Kim had a good day today. She didn't have to check-in at the hospital today but she did go in and get a liter of fluid this morning. We are hoping and praying that this helps her have more of a life. I've offered to do her groceries for her but she insist that she can handle it-we'll see. The children have soccer this weekend and I pray she doesn't go and get overheated again-I'm going so I'll be sure and bring an umbrella to shade her with. Suzy has her first 'Cross Country' meet tomorrow afternoon! Kim and Bart are going and I hope they get some good photos so I can share with you!

Here's an orchid that my sweet neighbors have been growing for a couple of years! They take it in the house in the winter months. This is just one small branch of the blooms; the entire plant is taller than I am!



Kara Ward said...

Oh, I love the layout and the stick looking frames are fabulous. I wish I knew how to do that digi stuff. Computers make my head hurt. I was so proud of you! I am ready for another trip to North Carolina. I do have a vacation coming but not to the beautiful outer banks. The sea is calling my name. Hugs-Kara

rose said...

oh I loved this layout and congrat liv
hoping kim is holding up and things go well,wow you are going to be busy
wow love the color of the orchid and that is a fair bloom

Vicki C said...

WTG Liv! That is a fantastic layout!

ScrapGirls Ro said...

Lookeeeee! It's a purple flower. Sweet!

Hey, thanks for coming by the blog!