Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mega Freebie Update!

Hey Y'all!

According to 'sources' who know: There are now 67 designers signed up for the Mega Monster Fall Splendor Kit! Twice the number we had to start with. Be sure and check back on the first: 12:01AM EST, October 1.

Joshua's soccer team won their game this morning 3-2 and he scored one of the goals! Kim and Joshua live about 45 minutes North of me and I had to wear a jacket to keep warm while watching the game! Unbelievable! But it has something to do with their proximity to the mountains (it also snows there almost every winter). I prepared my camera but forgot it as usual ;( After the game, we went to lunch together then Joshua and Kim were going to come down here but she isn't feeling too good so I don't think they will make it.

Did you notice my new logo on yesterday's post? What do you think? I want it to be more classy than the other one. I need to make a new blinkie too.
Hope y'all are having a great weekend!

Hugs, Liv


Marina Capano said...

Hi my friend Liv! how are you!? I think that your logo is fantastic! I love it!

one big hugs from far!


Kara Ward said...

Lovin'the logo! Oh, I miss soccer games. Sutton plays--not very well. Wink, wink...I missed the sign up this Fall. Imagine that! He was so upset with me, how can I blame him. It is nice being home now...I can catch up on all the things that I let go of. I am heading to CA...Pebble Beach Golf I can't play golf at all. It is a husband trip. I will strive. The beautiful ocean to put me to sleep every night. Hugs-Kara

M.Kate said...

Hello Liv, tks for popping over and the wonderful comments..much appreciated.
I love your new logo, very chic and classy :D

have a great week ahead, much love and hugs :D

Vicki C said...

The kit and the new logo are fantastic Liv. That logo is very classy! (you know me and butterflies.. I'm loving that one you hve in the background). lol