Thursday, September 25, 2008


Kim's been hospitalized since Tuesday (she was there Monday also but I brought her home in the afternoon). She hasn't had anything to eat since last Saturday at lunch. She has now lost down to less than 115 pounds. The stomach doctor is talking 'tube feeding' and Botox shots. Prayers are requested.


Vicki C said...

OH LIV! I'm so so sorry to hear about this! I WILL be praying!
Hugs to you friend!

rose said...

oh Liv 1`m so sorry to hear about Kim I will be praying for you all and hope things improve,big hugs

Marina Capano said...

ohhhh!!! I am so sorry! I make prayers for her! Ella va a estar muy bien, lo deseo realmente de corazon por ti y por Kim!
pensare bien desde Argentina para que ella este mejor!
Besos Tu amiga Marina