Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Suzi!

Hey Y'all,

Sorry I haven't been around lately; things haven't been going too good around these parts. Kim and the children came down on Christmas Eve and we had dinner and opened gifts and watched the children play. When they left to go back home it was very quiet and it was somewhat unnerving since our Christmas Eve's usually last 4 to six hours but not this year. Kim drove herself and the children down and she was trying her best to put on a happy face and be 'perky.' When she got back home to her husband (who didn't come down here) things went bad. Let's just say that it would be wonderful if everyone was considerate of each other and put their loved one's best interest at heart. Kim and I stayed on the telephone for over an hour and a half discussing her and Joshua's evening. Things have never gotten any better. It is so sad.

Sunday is my younger daughter's birthday. Suzi will be 37! I remember her infancy like it was yesterday; she was the most loving and joyful little toddler you ever saw. She still lives in my home state of Virginia, with her husband and two children. They are a very happy little family but I sure miss being able to see them whenever I want. I made Suzi a web card using elements from Lori Davison's Faerily Moonlit Kit, available at Scrapbook and Newlife Dream's Halfway to Paradise available at Shabby Pickle Designs. These two ladies really know how to put together wonderful kits.

The layout is clickable.

I am planning on uploading the photos like I said I would, it's just that I keep having these headaches and it slows me way down. I also want to make some Photoshop Actions that will help make working with it a little easier for you.



Vicki C said...

sending a hug for you and for kim and joshua! Oh.. and a Birthday hug for Suzie also. Your card for her is beautiful!!

M.Kate said...

Hello Liv, hoping that Kim's health is getting better and everything turns out fine for her. Tell her I will pray for her ok.

Wishing you and all a Happy New Year and may 2009 brings lots of joy and happiness to all at home.

much love, M

rose said...

oh liv
Wishing you a Happy New Year and lets hope its a good one for us all