Sunday, December 14, 2008

I Actually Finished A Layout!

Hey Y'all!
Can you believe it? I can't! LOL! I finally did a layout! Actually I did two but I kind of cheated: I did one and inserted two photos and reversed one page. Well, at least I DID one! It's been months since I sat here and played with stuff but I just couldn't resist all the beautiful Christmas kits we have at out mouse tips! Don't you just love those snow covered and flocked trees? Gorgeous!

Snowflake Brushes & Paper fromTraditional Christmas Kit by CL Graphics; PineTree by Russian/Dutch Heart Designs;PewterFrame and Paper #13 of VintageNostalgy by NewLifeDreams;Pointsettias & wide ribbon of HappyHolidays by NLD;Birds from Mom's Garden by Helen Ehrenhofer;FlockedTree from Noel Victoriana by Creative Victorian Designs;Red Ribbon of Cultured Prosterity by Creative Victorian Designs;Adobe Photoshop CS3

I spoke with Kimberli a while ago and she was sounding more rested and happy to be alive today! It's always great to get my heart lifted by her being 'perky!' Suzy has already left for the Bahamas and I didn't get a chance to wish her well and tell her good bye because I got my days mixed up and thought she was leaving tomorrow morning. I guess it would have been too much to ask for a teenager to call her grandmother to say good bye, huh? Guess I wouldn't have either, at her age.

Okay, you asked for this so I'm going to share. But NO smart-A remarks, okay? I have a perfectly beautiful seven foot lighted tree in my attic (along with 50 years worth of decorations) but . . . this old lady just cannot get it all down. I refuse to ask my friends to trek up there and bring all that down and then ask them to take it all back up in January when they have all their own Christmas stuff to do. Last year I got one of those Norfolk Island Pines from Costco and mini-decorated that but no lights and it just doesn't seem right to sit in the den and not have Christmas lights. So . . . my light weight, lighted, tacky, tacky, tacky, unstable, Christmas tree:

I told you! LOL! It's so tacky and it's leaning precariously even though I sat it on the hearth for stability! But now I do have my Christmas lights and when I put those fake packages around the base it will be really festive! LOL!

Hope you are all having a wonderful, homey, family December. Merry Christmas and thanks for the prayers!



M.Kate said...

Love the scrap and glad that Kim is feeling much better :d and no my dear the tree is just nice, different and as long as you are happy, that matters the most.

Vicki C said...

YAY.. I love your layouts..and so fun to see you had a little time to scrap. Double YAY that Kim had a good day!!!!
and as for your tree.... I think it is great! I crabbed about even putting one up this year... with no kids around. But I knew there was no way I really wouldnt put up a tree. lol I was just being LAZY! lol Once I started putting it up.. I was fine.. and even enjoyed it. It's just funny...because I used to LOVE to put up the tree. Maybe someday I'll have Grandkiddos and I'll really love doing all that again. (lets hope) lol

Brooke - in Oregon said...

WOO HOO I am soooo doing a happy Dance that Kim is having a good day :) Awesome!!

Hey your tree is not 'tacky' it is FUNKY and we all know that Funky is FUN!

Suzy is one lucky kid, the Bahamas Wowzers. Ya teenagers sort of have tunnel vision, good thing most grow out of that! lol

Cute layouts now are those all grandkids?


rose said...

oh you crafty monkey reversing a layout ROFL!! but wow the pages are totally awesome love them!!
Hey love the tree it is not tacky at all nice and funky. Glad to hear Kim has had a good Day and still praying!
Hope you all have a wonderful christmas,now need to decorate for DS

Kara Ward said...

Oh stop...the tree is darling. I want one like it. It is perfect for hanging ornaments. I want to make little houses and hang them around a tree just like this one. You always put a smile on my face. By the way, the layouts are wonderful. I love those bottle brush trees. They are just so much fun that I bought a hot pink one a Hobby Lobby for no reason other than I liked it. Merry Christmas Liv! Kara