Thursday, December 11, 2008


Hey Everyone. Kim has an infection in her blood. Her white cell count is very high and they are currently trying to find the root cause. It is probably the 'pic' line that is in her upper arm that is used for her daily IV bag of fluid. The pic line has two exterior tubes and one of them has been clogged for a while-why they have left that in is beyond my understanding. Now they want to put a new one in but not until the current infection is cleared up-how can it clear up if the source is the current pic line? This is so frustrating-the doctors never listen to reason and think they should be blindly followed. If Kim always let them do what they want she would have died by now. They are always trying to give her insulin when she has already been given some-that could put her into a coma! And last night they didn't give her her nightly shot so they wanted to put her in ICU on an insulin drip because the count was elevated this morning! Duh! Of course it was elevated-she needs insulin to control it not be put on a drip that would take it lower than safe! Sorry, just ticked off at how unfair life is to her. Wonder what's in store for her now? Thanks for your well wishes and prayers.


rose said...

oh Liv
as her mom you must be feeling this so bad and I`m just praying for once something will go right and hope this ifection is zapped fast,so Kim can get that new line in

hugs hun,take care!

Kara Ward said...

How frustrating...
All I can say is get more opinions and more doctors. My dad had cancer twice and we didn't agree with a doctor and found another one. The one that saved him. Kim needs someone in her corner that has more of a clue. I wish she could go to Mayo Clinic. I think miracle doctors work and study there. Such an amazing place. Worth every penny. I am sending you a long distant hug...don't give up and hold tight to your faith. Kara

M.Kate said...

Dearest Liv, so sorry to hear about Kim. You are right, its so frustrating with the docs at time and I do hope she gets well soon. big hugs to both of you :)

Brooke - in Oregon said...

Oh my gosh Liv, I simply can not even imagine what you are going thru. What a horribly helpless feeling to watch all this happen. No not helpless, prayer, prayer, prayer! We (well me anyway) just have such a hard time waiting on God's timing. Hugs to you both and prayers