Monday, December 22, 2008

Uncle Wilber on U-Tube

Just realized I could put U-Tube on my blog! Duh, what a ditz I am sometimes! The name is spelled wrong but most people spell it with a 'u' not an 'e' like my grandma did. My cousin Kent made this video right after Uncle Wilber died and it has been very popular on U-Tube:

Just thought I'd share!

I have some new photos of Joshua. He was with me these last couple of days so Kim could do a little bit of Christmas for him. We made a gingerbread house, cooked an apple pie, played, watched movies, and had a good time together. He's such a little love; he's nine years old and is still small enough to sit in his old Nanny's lap and be cuddled! I'm sure he will start growing really big soon (my other grandson, Timothy, did!). Once I edit them to a smaller size I will upload and share them with you. That probably won't be soon because I need to finish my Christmas cooking.

Kim isn't doing good at all. She called last night to ask me if I thought she might have MS. She is having problems walking and is falling a lot but I think it is a side effect of the diabetes wrecking havoc with her blood pressure and everything else in her body. I am going to see if I can get her to come down here after Christmas and stay for a while since Joshua will be out of school.

Suzy is back from the Bahamas and is all tanned. She had a really nice time and brought us back some gifts and photos. I will post her 'shipboard' photo soon!

Here is a short video of the 'tree' at night! LOL! Fake packages and all!

Merry Christmas!


M.Kate said...

Dearest Liv, firstly I want to wish Kim a speedy recovery and that she's always in my prayers. To you and everyone in the family, a Merry, Joyful and Blessed Christmas. Big hugs and much love always, M

rose said...

HI Liv
Just wanted to say have a merry Christmas and kim will be in my prayers
What a great vieo on U tube wonderful


Vicki C said...

Awesome Liv! I had to play it again and have Dan come in an watch it!
Keeping Kim in my prayers!