Monday, September 21, 2009


Hey Y'all,

Well, I've been too, too busy lately. Being a homeowner is not an easy thing to do after the home is 15 years old or more. Plumbing, electrical, painting, you name it I've had the problems with it. I have spent the last several days just trying to repair the inlet pipe on my toilet. Finally seem to be successful today, thank goodness.

Kimberli accidentally pulled out her feeding tube last night! Ow! It bled and Bart and Kim decided to put it back in themselves instead of the ER docs because the last time they almost killed her! After several tries with no luck, he remembered they had a new kind that Wake Forest sent to them so he tried that and was successful! It's a good thing he was because Daisy (the pup) snatched the old tubing off the bed and chewed it in half before they realized it was gone! That puppy has been a constant source of entertainment and love for Kim and her family. I wasn't too happy about her getting it because they already had 3 dogs and two cats outside and 2 cats inside along with various fish. Daisy is persona non gratta at my house since she likes to piddle on my carpet and chew my furniture but I think she has been a wonderful addition to Kim's menagerie! The other night Joshua was taking a bubble bath and Daisy jumped in and played in the bubbles with him! Kim called me up just laughing and happy. Made my heart swell.

I took my camera with me to Joshua's soccer game Saturday but even though Joshua played great (as usual) the camera wouldn't cooperate! So . . . no photos to share ;(

Have you ever been to DigiScrapDepot? It's a great site that has all the usual forum, challenges, etc. but the one thing it has that you won't find other places is loads of designer freebies! I upload mine there and so do hundreds of other designers. Today I uploaded some Halloween that Vicky is going to put on a CD along with a lot of other designer Halloween and offer it for sale! Super idea and it just might help me pay for the scanner I just had to replace. Check them out! I really had no idea that there was even a shop attached to the freebie site but she has some great designers listed and I'm getting ready to go back over there and check them out.

Need to get!

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