Monday, September 28, 2009

Some New Developments

Hey Y'All,

Well, I'm not sure the site is going to continue with the Designer Line after Christmas. I was hoping the albums were going to be very popular and I would make some very much needed funds. I have put in so many long hours on the albums I submitted and am very dissappointed that my Beach album didn't get put on the site before the talking heads dissed the whole concept. If you are interested in ordering an album, be it mine or one of the other designers', please go to the site and do it now.

I have started making some kits and elements to be included in a CD that is going to be offered at DigiScrapShop. The Halloween CD will probably be ready for orders by the beginning of November and there are plans to do Thanksgiving and Christmas CD too. If you go to the site via my blog and purchase a CD, I will make a commission from it! This could be lucrative for me and a great buy for you as there are going to be oodles of designers products included on each themed CD. When the CD is ready I will post the link for you to follow. Below is a preview of one of the items that will be available exclusively on this CD.

About Kim. Nothing good to report but I do have a favor to ask: Would you please pray for Kimberli's children for an unnamed mercy? I am not able to disclose the problems facing the children but God knows and every plea helps to let him know how important this is. Please, please, please! Their future depends on divine intervention.

Joshua's Tenth Birthday is October 1!!!! Seems like he was born just a little bit ago. I am so glad his Mom is still alive to celebrate with him. She is planning to take him and 3 friends to Nascar Speed Park, Saturday, for the day (she has been saving for this for a while) and he is sure to have a wonderful time. Her husband is still out of work (and I personally don't think he is planning on ever looking for a job). Just because the adults aren't holding up their end of the bargain shouldn't mean the children have to do without!

Take care everyone.

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Vicki C said...

Definatly PRAYING Liv! HUGS!