Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Talent Alert!

Hey Y'all,

My friend Vicki is the proud aunt to an up and coming singer named Neely who is part of the band Tilly and the Wall! She sent out an announcement today and I just wanted to pass it on to my readers:

"I was so excited I had to share with you guys. Just found out that Tilly and the Wall ( my niece Neely's band) music will be on "Ellen" soon, also in the new Drew Barrymore movie that is coming out and on a Target commercial (Song... Pot kettle black). The commercial ran last night during "Gossip Girls" and will be played during that show every Monday night for a while."

Here are some links you can follow to get a sample of Neely's talent!

Pot kettle black song
(Neely is the one with the long blonde hair)

Hope you enjoy!

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