Sunday, April 28, 2013

Goodness! It's Almost May!

Hello Guys,

I titled this post with exclamation points because I am astounded, week by week, how fast my life goes by; does yours?  It seems when you get up in years the days go so quickly and you have so much to do or so much you want to do and there is  just not enough time.  I remember when I was a child, during my school years, that summer seemed to last forever and then you were back in school and Thanksgiving Day came and then it took forever for Christmas Eve to get here. Honestly y'all, don't begrudge those slow moving days, enjoy them while they last.  I use to stand at my kitchen window watching the wildlife in my backyard when I lived in Virginia, it was so calming and beautiful; if I look out the window nowadays, it seems an hour passes in the snap of my fingers, so I don't gaze out the windows much anymore!

Have you been busy this week? Going to those school team baseball games? I love them but haven't seen my Joshua play in over a year. I get a report about every game though and that is always nice. The children on my street are loving the warmer weather and are playing in the creek or riding their bikes and just babbling away; it does make you smile!

I have made you something that I think is a little special this week. It is a digital stamp that you can customize however you would like with clipping masks, styles, size changes, bevels, etc.  There are just hundreds of ways you can use and style digi-stamps.  The one I made for you is Remember and the one that is going in my newsletter is Beautiful; they are coordinating freebies! I added some usable examples for you too. Be sure and sign up for my newsletter, if you haven't already, so you can get the Beautiful stamp!

 You can download this freebie HERE!

This is the newsletter freebie: 

Enjoy your freebies and check out my products at your favorite store!
Hope you all have a great week! Come back to see me soon because the Digi Shop Talk Blog Train will be ready on May 1st! It really is a great train ride because there are soooo many designers that link up their blogs to it!

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