Monday, April 15, 2013

Mid Month Rambling

Hello Y'all,

I am trying to do better with my posting so please bare with me while I ramble :)

I have not been able to design anything for myself lately as I have been too busy with store collaborations and charity kits.  The administration side of being a digital designer is a lot more time consuming than I ever would have thought possible; I spend more time on it than I do actually designing! Having a good CT is vital and I have been really lucky with mine. It was really serendipitous how it came about that Chris is my head CT.  I received an email from a good friend of mine, another designer, and upon opening it I realized she had answered someone's email and sent it to me! Being the kind soul that I am (he he) I wrote her back and teased her about being scatter-brained! She proceeded to tell me about this friend that she was supposed to be emailing. She just mentioned that the lady was a blog friend and that she did some digital scrapbooking.  I jumped on it with both feet and wrote back asking if she thought her friend would be interested in being my Creative Team (I know, she was just one person but what else can I call her but my CT?).  Brenda said she would ask but not to get my hopes up. Well it ended up that I emailed Chris and then she emailed me.  She told me how she didn't think she could do it and she didn't want her family photos exposed to the Internet. I gave her my best spiel about not having to have faces in the layouts and how much fun she would have, ya da ya da ya da. Well the end of my story is that Chris not only started CTing for me she became my best friend!  We 'chat' every day and share our lives with each other; she, and her husband, have been such a blessing to me in my personal life and my professional life.  Sometimes people are just meant to be together no matter where they live, Chris lives in the United Kingdom and I live in the United States, or what they are about.  I believe that everything happens for a reason and it might have been that Brenda was being absent-minded that day but I believe she had a little push from providence!

There, now you know a little more about me and my crazy mixed up life!

I have a sweet gift for you today: a lovely orchid that would be perfect for a Mother's Day card. Chris's husband, Richard, took this photo for me of their beautiful orchids and I have decided to share it with you :) Wait until you see the detail he caught in the photo! Fabulous! This low pixel count preview doesn't do it justice.

 Please click the preview to download your orchid!

I won't strain our friendship with anymore long stories tonight! LOL! Take care and visit me on my FaceBook page and also sign up for my newsletter! Links are on your right in the sidebar!

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