Monday, April 8, 2013

My Newsletter is in Your Mailbox!

Hello Y'all,

I just sent out my newsletter and hope you are signed up for your copy.  I don't know if you realize it but I have a freebie in every one of my newsletters.  Tonight's newsletter has this week's which is a set of embossing overlays and I also included last week's again which is a pleated flower that matches my Softly Spoken kit.

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Well, it's now official.  My 13 year old grandson, Joshua, is growing up and away from that little boy that squeezed our hearts while holding on to our hands for dear life!  He went on his first weekend outing without one of his parents or me in attendance.  It is a bittersweet chapter in his life for me because I know he is going to explode into being a responsible adult and leave that darling, loving, thoughtful, compassionate, little boy behind; I will miss him.  Kim has done a fine job of raising Joshua and he will surely still be loving, thoughtful, and compassionate but only when his hormones aren't raging or when he isn't going through the horrible angst of being a teenager.  We all have to go through it and parents and grandparents need to take all the hugs and kisses they can get before it hits, so they will last us a pretty long while! LOL! Oh to have this darling back in my arms again!

Isn't he just adorable! 

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Chris Allport said...

Oh, Liv. I just love your layout and the photo of Joshua is lovely.

Luv Chris