Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day Guys!

Hello! Today is Father's Day in the English speaking countries; do you celebrate Father's Day today too?  My Dad has been gone from me since August 2008. Sometimes it seems like I haven't seen him since I was a kid and other times I remember him with my children.  He loved my girls to pieces and spoiled them rotten as every grandparent should.

We have had some rough weather this past week consisting of rain and electrical storms.  The worst one knocked out our power and cable and took out one of the trees in our front yard. The next day I went to the dining room window to survey the damage and saw 3 small rabbits playing beneath the fallen branches; I guess they felt somewhat hidden under those leaves.  We have a lot of wildlife around our house, how about you?  I know I should take photos of my animal visitors but I never seem steady enough to get a good shot.

I have your weekly Blog Gift for you today.  I made some brag book pages from my kit Retro Summer and will be offering one today and one tomorrow in my newsletter; I think I will make some additional ones for the milestone gift on my FaceBook Fan Page.

I hope you like this gift.  


This is the one that will be in my newsletter tomorrow:

Thanks for stopping by!

PS: If you are looking for the blog trains they are in prior posts; just scroll down!

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