Friday, June 21, 2013

Trying Something New

Hello everyone,

How are you tonight?  Looking forward to the weekend? All my days run together since I retired so whatever day it is doesn't dictate what I do and it is fantastic to live this way!

If you are looking for the Fibromyalgia Awareness Blog Train it is in the previous post.

I am trying something new (to me) that I want to get your opinion on and maybe your help.  I am experimenting with cutting files.  You know the ones you use to download to your electronic cutting machines? My problem is I think I can make them okay and have a lot of ideas rolling around in my head but I don't own or have access to a cutting machine.  That makes it rather difficult to test the files as I make them and before they go into my shops.  The files can be used digitally too for designer kits and layouts using the shapes as templates for digital elements and shapes.  You can also use regular paper scissors to hand cut out the shapes on your paper or fabric of your choice.  So I think they will be very versatile and easy to use. The spirals in the preview below are my first cutting products, would you like to have the files and test them out in whatever type cutting machine you use?  All I want in return is a thumbs up or down as to their formats and ease of use. Here is the preview; give it a once over and if you think you can test it for me just leave me a comment here or privately on my FaceBook page Liv Hudson.

Thanks for looking!

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