Monday, June 10, 2013

Short Hello and a New Blog Gift!

Evening Y'all!

Well, I don't know about your neck of the woods but in ours it has been raining for what seems like weeks.  It is good for keeping the temperatures cool but it is misery for my allergy to mold. Everything is beautifully green though and that's a good thing. The primroses, bush roses, calla lilies, along with rabbit, squirrel, geese, duck, and bird babies are popping up or open all over the garden.  We have been having a bumper crop of wild mallard ducks this year as well as the Canada geese. My Mother use to say when you saw the wild things have more babies than usual, it meant that it was going to be a long cruel summer so they are hedging their bets.

We got some decent news this week after the doctor scared us half to death; Kimberli is not going to have to have dialysis start this week or be put on the transplant list just yet.  Her kidneys are now functioning at 40% which is up from the 35% of last November! Diabetes takes its toll on her poor little body in so many different ways and it is another of those diseases that doesn't 'show' so people don't cut her any slack.  We are thankful for this reprieve of her kidneys though!

I have been busy designing this week and have shown you the last two products just the other day.  I worked on a gift for you today and also one for the newsletter subscribers. Here is the one for the newsletter subscribers:

Here is the one for you, my great blog followers!  The link is below the image.

I am going to be involved in a couple of blog trains this month, one starts this Friday and another one starts next week. Thanks so much for dropping by and come back soon.  

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