Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Blog Gift Time!

Hello Scrappers,
How are you this weekend? I hope everyone is doing well even though I know that cannot possibly be true but there is no harm in wishing or having a positive outlook, heh? This has been a busy week as I prepared for the Blog Train List Blog Train Anorexia and Bulimia Blog Train and the DST Country Fair Blog Train. The first is in the post just prior to this one and the DST train will be live on the 1st of September. I also made a product for Heartfelt Perfection's Design it Yourself Kit Creator, this month's theme is Back to School and here is what I made:

  You can click HERE to go to my shop at Heartfelt Perfections.

I finished a product for Digi Style Designs Create A Kit category for September also but you will have to wait on the reveal for that one.

The Sunday Blog Gift this week is something different from me: a set of pattern tiles. These tile patterns are in .pat files and jpeg files so everyone can put them to use whether you use PhotoShop or another graphics program. I included complete instructions too.

The newsletter gift this week is a set of sillohuetts for your back to school projects.

Thanks for coming by and come back soon to get some more gifts and the DST Blog Train entry.

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