Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sunday's Blog Post on Saturday!

Hello Scrapbooking Fans!

I am a wee bit early with this week's blog and blog gift since my usual day, Sunday, is the first and DST's Blog Train goes live at midnight Saturday.

Another week has been stored away in our memories and on our hard-drives to scrap and share when we get the chance! What were your memories like? Were they happy, exciting, or sad? We must scrap the hard times in our lives too as we don’t want our ancestors looking into our memory books and thinking we didn’t actually live our lives, that we just floated through them on happy times and pink clouds! I could scrap this week with hard brazen colors to represent my mind altering migraine or use shades of black and grey on a layout depicting my daughter’s painful eye surgery on Friday. I could use candles and shadows to represent the sadness I have felt when I discovered a newly acquired Facebook doggy friend passed away, (there were actually two) or I could use the colors of the rainbow to represent the Rainbow Bridge that our little loved ones pass over on their way to Heaven. (Please see a continuation of this thought below) I haven’t designed any kits or products that could be used for those times when the slogan ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ wouldn’t apply, so perhaps I will keep that in my mind the next time I pick up my pen tablet!

As I said above, my daughter Kimberli had eye surgery again this week and it was very, very, painful; I cried hearing the description of what went on. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers; she has surgery on the good eye next Friday.

I've spent quite a bit of time on Facebook this week and I shouldn't have.  I am an animal lover, always have been, and my heart is ripping apart with all the cruelty we humans visit on God's other creatures. I am sure She never meant for us to amuse ourselves by crass indifference or propagation of the cruelty that I have seen this past week on those simple, trusting, animals. Facebook has made it easy for us to know what is going on in our world and we must do something about the problems, not turn a blind eye to them. I live on a fixed income and cannot foster or adopt additional animals but I can do my part to share what is happening and to make small, but appreciated, donations to the causes that cross my page.  Won't you help too? There are so many pages, too many to list here! One of my favorites is The Mia Foundation but all you need do is a search on Facebook using terms like 'prevention'  'cruelty', 'pets', 'dog', 'cat', 'animals'. There are heartwarming success stories to bring tears of joy to your heart too, not just horror. Okay, I won't pester you more but please think about being a supporter of one or more of these wonderful foundations.

This week's blog gift is for autumn and consists of a background paper and a leafy border; I hope you like it!
For those of you who aren't aware, I give my newsletter subscribers a free gift each week, and now am starting a lottery for my subscribers! Look:

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