Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Freebie!

Hello y'all,
How have you been this week? I have been busy with finishing my Our Boy! kit!  Woo hoo! It is finally all completed and now all I need to do is make the previews, zip it up, and put it in my shops! This one has been a lot of fun with so many ideas coming at a fast clip, the kit turned out to be rather large and I still have more elements and papers available for it. I cannot decide if I should do an add-on or not just yet, I think I will wait and see how the kit does. I have been offering Our Boy! freebies for a couple of weeks now and have decided that I will include all of them with the kit as an extra bonus :) Today's blog gift is here for you now, it and tomorrow's newsletter gift will both be included in the bonus. To get your gift today just click on the link under the preview!

Thanks for coming by!

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Susanne said...

Thank you for this nice border and background. I love all kind of gears.