Saturday, December 7, 2013

Gift Time!

Hello Blog Friends,

What a week it has been in my little world, Miss Minnie has kept me busy for sure. She clung to me for the first 3 days and then on Wednesday afternoon she actually layed on the sofa while I was on the PC!  She still won't let me leave her sight without getting upset so we still have a lot to get used to and to work on. Now my kitty, Peaches, doesn't want to be around me now because I always smell of dog so she stays upstairs when I go up to the den to watch the telly or to the kitchen to eat; she will not budge! I am hoping that she will soon get over this feeling of betrayal and condescend to be around me again :)

I made some little charms for your Christmas or Hanukkah layouts, I hope you like them. Just click on the link under the preview to download.

Thanks for coming by!


Deb Burroughs said...

What a precious dog - I was laughing at her antics! The cat will come around sooner or later. Thanks for the newsletter and blog gifts this week (and every week)!

Stacey said...

thank you so much for the wonderful newsletter and blog gifts. I'm sure your kitty will come around. We got our dog when our cat was around 10 - she was pretty pissed off too - never did like the dog, but eventually they came to a resignation to each other - LOL - I'm sure yours will too!