Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday's Free Gift!

Hello Friends,

I have to let you in on something that has happened to me this week! I got my first canine furbaby in 40 years! I picked her up from the rescue late Saturday afternoon and she is such a sweetie! She is a tiny, 3 pound, Chihuahua that thinks she is a big dog and is as stubborn and vocal as all Chi's are! I am so happy to have found this little girl because I fell in love with another one last week and we just could not get her to me before someone else got her, her name was Rosie and she was an adorable little Chi too.  I think that things happen for a reason and this little Minnie Mouse was supposed to be mine all along. Her foster mother has named her Mouse and I wanted to leave that but give her something feminine so Minnie it is and Minnie Mouse when she's in trouble!

It is after 2am here and I just got your blog gift finished because Miss Minnie didn't want my attention anywhere but on her!  I promised to give you a gift this Sunday that was worth the wait, I made you two Christmas tags that are printable for your packages.  I hope you like these as I almost had to apologize again for not being able to make anything. Just click on the link under the preview to download yours!

Thanks for hanging with me!


Dillie said...

OH my she is so adorable and really cute. So glad that she has found her forever home. Love to hear these stories as my husband and I are foster parents to Brussell Griffons. Enjoy and Congratulations on your new little FurBaby. Hugs, Dillie

Deb Burroughs said...

What an adorable little girl! I'm sure you will be very happy together. I have three rescues now - none are that tiny though. Thanks for the tags and have a blessed day!