Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Blog Gift Time!

Hello y'all,

How was your week? Mine has been cold and rainy. I certainly don't mind the cold but I do mind the constant rain. Ms Minnie doesn't like the rain at all, she absolutely refuses to go out in it even when I hold an umbrella over the silly little thing!

I have some new photos of my great grandson Jase and thought I'd share with you.  He really is cute and reminds me of his Aunt Tabitha much more than his daddy or mommy.

This Sunday's Blog Gift is a matching set of paper and journal card and they also match my new kit Sweets. Hope you like these and get the kit to go with them. This week's Newsletter Gift is another matching set so be sure and sign up and confirm your newsletter subscription. I feel really bad about a lot of folks who signed up but don't receive the newsletter simply because they didn't confirm the subscription-no confirmation-no newsletter that's the web rules.  Here are the previews of this weekend's gifts; just click the link under the Sunday Blog Gift preview to download your copy.

Here is the newsletter gift for tomorrow:

Hoping you will have an awesome week!

Don't forget to spay and neuter your pets and if you want a new family member remember to adopt NOT shop!


Dillie said...

Hello--Your grandson is so handsome and those eyes, just melt your heart. Also, I don't blame Miss Minnie for not wanting to go out in the rain and cold...we also are having our share rain. LOL
Thanks for your generosity. Have a great day. Liz

SherryD said...

Wow - Jase is such a cutie! Would love to hold him and snuggle. I hope you get to see him often.

Lovely work you've been doing too. I think taking a little holiday from designing will be good for you. Besides cleaning, remember to do some things you want to do for you.