Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Just a note to let you know that Kim isn't any better and had to be hospitalized this morning. They are going to try and give her some nutrition through the pic lines she has in her arm. She doesn't want them doing surgery for a permanent feeding tube just yet; wants to wait until she sees Dr Koch on the 16th and see what he says. If she doesn't start getting enough energy to sit up or walk (at least with the walker) she is going to be put in a nursing home or come here to live with me. I'd rather she was with me but she wants to be close to Joshua.


M.Kate said...

So sorry to hear about prayers for her always.

M.Kate said...
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Vicki C said...

OH so sorry to hear this news Liv. Keeping you and Kim in my prayers.

Kara Ward said...

My heart pours out to you. She is a strong girl...we just have to have faith. I love you! Kara