Friday, February 6, 2009

Was a good day for me.

Hey Y'all,

Today was a good day for me; I have been back on the Mona Vie since Tuesday afternoon. The pain and stiffness is now relieved in my hips and ankles, and is gone from my knees and elbows! I actually vacuumed the 'living' area of the house, went out and did the remainder of my groceries, and came home and prepared a couple of meals.

I haven't seen Kim this week. She hasn't been able to get out of bed most of the week. The vomiting has left her so weak that she has to have someone help her with the walker to get to the bathroom. I went to their house, yesterday, and left some goodies on their porch but didn't ring the doorbell to visit. I made Joshua a Carpenter's Apron so when he 'helps' the guys rebuild the house next to his he can have his nails conveniently at hand! LOL! The renovators actually look forward to Joshua coming home from school so that he can come over and help out with the nailing and such. He has such a great time doing it and the men all think he's something! He called me when he got home from school to thank me for the apron-he actually said it 'looks professional!' He's such a sweet kid; he doesn't deserve to have his life so torn up by his mom's illness. He is a big help to her though. He always checks on her and asks if she wants or needs anything and can he 'do' anything for her. He always has a hug and a smile for her no matter what and he can make her laugh when no one else can.

Kim wants me to have legal papers drawn up for her and her husband to sign that will give me visitation with Joshua no matter what happens to her or him. She is concerned that once she dies, Joshua will be at the mercy of people who do not have his best interest at heart and will not get the love and support he is use to getting from her and myself. I think all parents worry that if they suddenly die, their children's lives will no longer be the most important thing in the lives of their caretakers. We all have to be realistic about this subject; death can happen to anyone at anytime, without warning.

Well, enough downers! Y'all have a great weekend and know I'm thinking of you. Hope to have a new Freebie for you soon.



Brooke - in Oregon said...

How sweet of you to make that for Joshua and what a good kid he must be to call and thank you!

rose said...

oh Liv
Glad you are feeling a little better
Joshua is a great Guy and think Kim is do things in the best interests for Josh and you!
What a wonderful guy to phone you and check on Kim

Big,big hugs