Saturday, February 14, 2009

So much for the sigh of relief . . .

Thought we got a reprieve when the diagnoses was changed from Mercer to Staff infection of Kim's blood. NOT!

A neurologist was called in for a second opinion on the fainting and weakness (Kim was afraid of a possible brain tumor or aneurysm). The doctor told Kim that her health, as far as the fainting and weakness, is going to be 'touch and go' for the next few months and that Kim is lucky to be alive considering all the ramifications of the Staff infection combined with the diabetes. Kim will be unable to perform the simplest tasks as she cannot stand without fainting and she is so weak that holding a book to read is an exhausting proposition. The neurologist said it will take months of antibiotic and fluid therapy until Kim will be semi-well again. We have no idea the effect the infection will have long term on her heart, lungs, and other vital organs.

We are at a loss to know what to do about everyday care; Joshua cannot be left alone with his mom since she cannot take care of him; Kim cannot be left alone because she needs someone to take care of her. If Kim comes down to stay with us she won't see Joshua except on the weekends until she is well enough to take care of herself. And . . . that's if someone can stay with Joshua at night while his father works! Rock and a boulder again! Kim desperately needs a break from all of this heartrendingly devastating news. The old adage of 'one step forward two steps back' is more like 'two steps back and then one mile back'; there seems to never be any steps forward at all.

I know that this constant whine and bad news posting that I have been doing is very off putting and I don't blame any of you if you never come visit my blog again.

Here is a layout of me with my Mom, Dad, and brother on Easter 1954.

All papers and elements except for the ball chain and butterfly heart are from Sunshine Scraps Wonder Girls February kit, Radar Love. The chain and butterfly are by me.

I forgot to thank my Vicki for bestowing another blog award on me: Thanks so much Vic but I could never have a blog as lovely as yours!

I am passing it on to Marina, Brooke, M Kate, & Kara.

Speaking of M Kate! This lovely, lovely lady sent me an absolutely gorgeous package of goodies from Malaysia! You will all see what was in it when I finish the shadow box I am filling with my treasures. Such a surprise and show of love from such a sweet person to someone who needed her heart lifted, me!

I wish you all loving Valentines day and happy weekend.


rose said...

oh I just love this layout Liv,
Oh I`m shattered by this awful news , Oh cannot someone give that sweet Kimmy a break. Oh Liv I just do not know what to say that can ease this yet more heartbreakin news for you,But KnowI`m here and praying for you all

big big hugs

Kara Ward said...

It is okay to take a break from blogging. You need to take care of Kim. She needs you and our prayers. We will all be here when you get back. Put life on hold and take care of the one you hold dear. Kara