Friday, January 15, 2010

The Last of the Vicki Chrisman 2009 Eye Candy

Hey Y'all,

Well, I'm finally back on line and ready to present my favorites of Vic's November and December 2009 projects. I think I've probably listed all of these months projects because they are all so awesome! Don't forget to go to her blog, and click on the month you need to get the supply lists and instructions for these beautiful items! Some of the photos are clickable for closer views.

This little album is so cute and Vicki put so much into it, amazing!

This is a shadowbox frame of Vic's Sweet Mamma and her Daddy, so sweet!

Check out these gorgeous Christmas Ornaments:

I have to tell you a secret and hope it doesn't make anyone too envious . . . Vic sent them to me for Christmas! Oh . . . . lovely, lovely, lovely! They are so gorgeous on my little tree. I tried to take photos but, alas, I'm no photographer and they were back-lit too much!
I love these little gift tag/ornaments too:

Check out this beautiful container and album pages:

Wouldn't you love to have this trinket box? So feminine and dainty!

Another little trinket/album box:

How about this beautiful hanging!

Last, but certainly not least, is this lovely little wooden trinket box:

Can you imagine someone going to all this trouble over absolutely everything they do? Vic does everything by hand. She cooks, paints, scrapbooks, alters, organizes, entertains, house-keeps, and much more plus she teaches and demos and her art is published in so many mags you wouldn't believe! She is my idol and a wonder woman! And she is just as kind and genuine as anyone could possibly be. Please be sure and go by her blog and leave her a nice comment!

Hope you all have enjoyed the 2009 tour of Vicki Chrisman's blog 'This Art That Makes Me Happy!'



Vicki C said...

Oh Liv.. you are just too sweet for your own good girl. I have you really fooled dont I? You think I can do more than I really can. I have plenty of days that I'm messy , and grabby, and lazy, and on and on and on... lol so dont put me to high up on a pedistal. Just ask Dan and the boys... I have my days! lol
Thankyou Thankyou so much for these posts..they have been so fun for me.

rose said...

oh Well who could argue with your choices,like you I totally admire vicki and some day wonder how she manages to fit everything in,Lucky duck getting the baubles
love everything