Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Look Who Was In My Yard This Morning

I just had to share this with you. We have ponds and lakes all around us so we have a lot of water birds in our town. This is a Great Blue Heron that usually sits atop our roof (and leaves great gobs of poop!) to watch for fish in our pond. I think it was a little too cold for him up there this morning so he sat in my defunct flower garden. You can really see his beautiful ruffled chest all displayed; I just wish he had his neck extended so you could see how tall he is. Sitting like this he is about 36 inches tall.

I won't be posting any of Vic's treasures today-I need to get off of here and get some work done. I promise to finish up 2009 soon. My Virginia granddaughter has me making her a purse and I need to start straightening the studio so I can get in there to sew.

Have a wonderful day!


Vicki C said...

WHOOOO..that is SO darn cool Liv!!
That is something I have never seen before...and it's amazing!!!

Kathi B said...

He's really cool! It must have been so neat to see him up so close.