Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day!

Not going to express my views on the current political temperature of our country or which (if either!) candidate I have voted for; we are all so very different, with different value systems, needs, expectations, and wants. I'm too old to want to jump on any 'band wagon' without first considering what it will do to my life and my world. I'm also too old to fight with well meaning friends who want to influence my vote and I say to them: 'I voted, did you?' It's a personal and, for me, a religious occasion.

Kimberli is being discharged from the hospital this afternoon. They stabilized her and now it's time to 'cut her loose' and send her home to complete her recuperation from the last bout of gastro sickness. Please pray with me that she will pay close attention to her body and that the home health care service will do their jobs diligently so that she will not become comatose again. Her poor throat is eaten up from the vomiting of stomach acid and she will begin taking Nexium when she gets home. She now has acid reflux disease just like her old mom; it's the pits, but at least she will be treated for it with a good drug that should take the pain away soon. The children are out of school today so she will be welcomed home by them and that should set the tone for the rest of the evening to be happy and relaxing. Thanks to all of you, once again, for your thoughts and prayers on her behalf.

I have been working on my catalog again. Will it ever be finished? Not if I keep buying digital elements! I have agreed to do a Christmas blog train so I will be working on a holiday kit for that pretty soon. I have some ideas but if any of you have any request or ideas please let me know. I love to design kits and I wish I had more time to devote to them and that I could also work quicker; not going to happen because I'm a perfectionist that can't get anything perfect!

Have a wonderful day!



Vicki C said...

So glad Kim is well enough to be heading home!
hey.. I gave you an award on my blog today.

M.Kate said...

Dearest Liv
Great news about Kim and hope she is healing well. Well, the big day has come and even for us non voters, we can feel the heat and the excitement. Do take good care Liv, i'll be around soon. big hugs

rose said...

oh so glad kim is heading home and pray all will stay well. I feel very tired today,own fault stay up till crack of dawn watching the election results!