Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Quick Update

The latest news about Kim's pace maker and feeding tube placement is disheartening. When she saw her gastro doctor and he said this had to be done and soon, the urgency of the need for the procedures was frightening for Kim. The doctor told her he was going to try and call in some favors so he could get her a place at Wake Forest University Hospital; didn't happen. She received the call Friday afternoon saying she has been scheduled for the procedures in January! Now I'm frightened that something bad is going to happen before she is scheduled.
Other news of Kim is that she has had several really good days! That means no vomiting but some nausea; no diarrhea but constipation; and no liquid diet but some reasonable solids! Probably more info than you wanted but so is her life.
I've spent the last few days of free (?) time working on the Christmas Around the World Kit. It's seems to be coming together quite nicely. I really love designing and putting my ideas to work but I really am too much of a perfectionist-what takes me 3 hours takes a real designer about half an hour. Oh well, I try.
Hope all of you are doing well and are getting excited about the coming holidays to be spent with friends and loved ones. I think of you often while I'm working and feel ashamed that I haven't visited or called you. The more I keep my mind on art, the less time I spend obsessing over Kim's health. I hope you understand.
Love to all,


M.Kate said...

Dearest Liv
Sorry to hear about Kim's delay and also glad she's eating little and feeling a bit better. Don't worry about visiting me, I understand your situation perfectly. When I down on my butt..I was happy not to blog (good excuse) and never felt freer than ever, but at the same time, I missed everyone in blog land terribly. YOu do what is needed for yourself and Kim, both of you are always in my prayers. Much love and big hugs always, MK

Vicki C said...

Just got home last night.. so needed to check in and see how things are with Kim. I've been keeping her in my prayers!

Marina Capano said...

Dear liv! I send one big hugs from Argentina, yo voy a rezar esta noche por Kim y prender una vela por su salud y su mejoría, soy madre y se lo difícil que es cuando un hijo se siente mal!!!!oh Liv!

Fuerza,vamos, vamos, sienta la mejoría de salud de Kim con mucha amor y ella se hara realidad!!!de verdad;)