Friday, November 7, 2008

Kimberli Update

Hi friends,
Kim went to see her gastro doctor this morning; it was a scheduled follow up from the hospital visit. She was projectile vomiting this morning before she left. The news from Dr. Fowler has devastated Kim. She just feels that everything comes down on her and her family and how can she cope? I know that she can and maybe you know that she can but right now she can hardly do more than cry. She is so weak and her blood so low that the techs at the doctor's office couldn't get any blood from her to do labs. She couldn't squeeze that ball they give you to make your veins and arteries pop up. She called me from the doctor's office lobby because she was resting for the drive back home and also because she was so upset.

Kim has to go to Wake Forest University Hospital to have a pace maker put into her stomach along with a feeding tube. He said there was nothing else that could be done here in Charlotte and it's imperative that she get admitted to Wake Forest ASAP. There is a waiting list but the doctor said he's going to try and call in some favors so he can get her in next week. I will accompany her, of course, so that Bart can go to work and take care of the children. I just pray they will let me stay in her room with her so I don't have to get a hotel room and be away from her when she might need a familiar face. At this point we have no idea how long the hospitalization will be.

I'm asking for your prayers and good thoughts, once again, for my girl. I appreciate all of you.



M.Kate said...

My dearest Liv
My prayers will be for you and Kim. I do hope that with that pacemaker, she'll get better as I know how it feels to be unwell, esp when her children needs her. I do hope that they'll let you stay by her side too so you will be close to Kim. Tell Kim she's a fighter and that everything will be OK. Has she ever considered alternative medicine..not sure if it helps. Will pop over to see her progress. Big hugs to you and Kim and much love.

rose said...

oh Liv!
well Kim ,you and the family will be in my prayers. Lets hope this pacemaker gives kim a so well need break from everything and pray that her strength builds up soon
I`m sure they will let you stay with her
big hugs to you and kim, roll on 2009
thanks for the blog award also I will tend to it soon

Brooke - in Oregon said...

Oh my gosh Liv that is aweful. I pray this pacemaker is the key to getting Kim healthy again. I most certainly will keep you all in my prayers

Kara Ward said...

Oh, I was so hoping she was over the hump. She has been such a fighter. I just want to scream that it is NOT fair. When you feel bad and you get bad news, it is just a double whamy. I will keep my little prayers heading your way. I am sending you a long distance HUG. It is so hard to see our children sick. Hang has to get better. Kara

Vicki C said...

I man, I was gone this weekend teaching and just now see this. ... I was so sad to see this post and that Kim is going through all this. That poor girl! I'll be thinking of you Liv, and keeping you and Kim in my prayers!!!

Brooke - in Oregon said...

Hi Liv
Just checking in and letting you know the prayers are still going up for you guys!

Marina Capano said...

Dear Liv! I wish I wanted that kim had good health! blessing!keeping you and Kim in my prayers!!!