Sunday, November 2, 2008


Everything seemed to be going great with Kim when I received a wake up phone call from her husband yesterday morning. Within 12 minutes I was dressed and on the road for the 45 minute drive to the hospital. I arrived just 10 minutes after the ambulance and the staff was already working on her. Her sugar count wouldn't register and she was semi-conscience. The two days she had not received the liter of fluids and IV Sofran had hit her like a Mack truck during the night. She knew she was ill but didn't want to wake the children and make them go through a nasty ambulance trip to the hospital . . . Bart was out of town and it was only Kim and the children at home. When a diabetic's sugar count is high or low they are not really capable of making decisions and sometimes don't even know where they are; so it was for Kim. By the time the children awoke and found Kim, she was out. Suzy called her father and he called the rescue squad then me. Kim had previously made arrangements with the children's respective soccer coaches to have them picked up from home Saturday morning. Dummy me should have known something wasn't right when she told me that on Friday evening . . . Kim doesn't miss her children's games. She's been under constant care for over 28 hours and her heart rate has barely slowed down from the 135 bpm she was sustaining at rest; her sugar levels for the first 9 hours were too high for the hospitals testing machines so the lab had to do the counts. She started throwing up blood yesterday afternoon but at least it isn't bright red which means whatever was bleeding has stopped. She is still in the CCU and will probably remain there until Monday afternoon at which time I hope and pray she will be totally awake and cognizant of what is going on around her. I don't think she even realizes that I was with her all day and into the evening. I spoke at length with one of her doctors and he has made arrangements for Kim to have Home Health Care come out each day to administer the IV Fluids & Meds so that she doesn't have to drive to the hospital when she's so ill; it's dangerous for her and for everyone on the road around her.

Thanks for listening. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

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M.Kate said...

Dearest Liv,
Firstly you wonderful parcel arrived. I was speechless, but will talk to you on this later when Kim is more settled down.

I am so so sorry to hear about Kim, just when we thought everything is good and OK. Kim will be in my prayers all the time. You take care of yourself too, you need to be both healthy and strong to be in the hospital.

I will talk to you later when everything is settled down.

much love and big hugs to you and Kim