Friday, May 3, 2013

Help For A Designer Please!


If you are looking for the DST Blog Train it is in the post below this one.

A fellow designer is in dire need of our help.  A family member had to have extensive surgery at a hospital in another state and needs our help with the expenses involved in traveling and housing for a week. Some of us got together and made a huge kit that we want to sell in order to help her out.  The theme and the 19 designer kit is beautiful and it is selling in several stores for only $5.00!  You cannot find this kind of deal anywhere on the web so please, won't you help by purchasing our collaboration?

No Longer Available :(

Thanks so much.  We realize our community has asked for help of this nature several times this year and hope we don't have to do so again; 2013 has not been kind. 


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