Sunday, May 26, 2013

Thank You to our Military, Past, Present, and Future

Hope you have had an awesome week and have enjoyed this long weekend with your families. We seem to have one holiday after another in the US, Canada, and the UK!

This week's is Memorial Day and I am thankful for all our service personel from the past to the present who have worked so diligently to assure our freedoms and maintain order in the world. I love that we have at least one day a year when we can thank them all publicly and am outraged at the haters who have attacked service people this past week.  They are coward's who do not want to use the spoken or written word to let their views be known, but use the blood of the innocent. May you rot in hell!

I've debuted several products this past week and I hope you like them all enough to go to your favorite store and purchase one!  I have a little blog gift for you today; it doesn't necessarily coordinate with any scrap product but may be use for most! Just recolor to match your layouts.

Country Liv's Graphics Journal Spots Blog Gift

Two birdie journal spots with lovely word art to use on your layouts:

You may download your gift by clicking HERE!
Thanks for coming by and watch for the Pixel Scrapper Blog Train which will be pulling into my blog on June 1st!

Just Added!  My FaceBook Fan Page just hit 200 likes so that means a new Milestone Gift! Come to FaceBook and get yours!


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