Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Butterfly Heaven/New Layouts

Hey Y'all! Well, another night without sleep. I paper scrapped (just a little) and no part of my body is cooperating with my brain except 8 fingers! LOL! I'm sure it's going to get better soon because I have not stopped doing everything anyone has suggested. I think the combo of Fibro and arthritis is very hard to maintain.

The Flergs Butterflies finally came online!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!! Of course I downloaded them immediately! Can't wait to think my LO through and use them! Flergs is so cool. I also got some photo actions. These are things I have no understanding of but Flergs is a master at making. Click on the link in this paragraph to see and purchase the Butterflies!

Here are my pages. I used some of my door prize winnings on the Halloween page. I also used the Queen & Co. felt cutwork self stick ribbon. It is beautiful, but it was a long, drawn out, process for me to remove the backing and adhere it to the page. This was the first time I used the self stick, I think I'm going to like the plain much better (that is if I keep trying to paper scrap).

How are you liking the Bling Circles? The Daisies? Let me know.


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StaceyM said...

For some reason I didn't see the Christmas layout in the gallery. But I love it. I did download the cirlce bling. I'm telling you one of these days I will find someone that can walk me through a how to set up a page in PSP!!! and I willa be set with all the things and bling I need!!!