Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Trick's on Me!

Hello all.

First the most important thing: Joshua's surgery went well! He's recuperating just fine. Thanks for all the prayers. Kimberli sounded much better after the surgery too; she was getting dangerously depressed about it.

All of you who offer up prayers could help me out with a couple of things, if you would: 1) Kimberli's physical and mental health 2) My friend Jill's headaches 3) My bad thumbs. Thanks with all of my heart.

Trick or Treat?

How about I didn't turn on my porch light last night because I didn't want to answer the door while home alone: NO Treats! What was the Trick? The Universe is conspiring against me! I cannot use my hands to paper scrap so I started working with digital scrapbooking. You know, I told you that I was going to make some elements and offer them as Freebies for download? Well, all the hours I have put into the .png files and all the downloads I did myself are G O N E !!!!!!! I have been storing these files on my 160GB external hard drive thinking they'd be much more secure than on the internal hard drive-NOT! All of my files are gone. Nothing to show for all my work. Friends have said I should put out a call on some of the forums I frequent for help but I just don't have the heart to work on it right now. I was so pumped about the daisy files I did yesterday-why me? Want some crackers and cheese with that WINE? I will try some basic cures but that's all. My computers and programs have zapped me for the last time; it's ridiculous that I can never count on my expertise in computers and programs but everyone else can. My friends (and family) call me all the time wanting help with their computer problems and I fix them! Bummer, maybe I need prayers for my mental health too.

Chat soon!

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Flergs said...

Glad you got your files back. I would just be devastated. You've inspired me to backup right this very second!!!