Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I Uploaded the Daisies!

Hey y'all! I won another prize from Serendipity's Crop Jamboree! It was for the digipage "Christmas Morn" that I entered in the Colors! Colors! Colors! Challenge. I've just started doing digi so it was a real surprise that I won this on merit!!! I really want to paper scrap soon; Kristen has a great November kit with the blues that I love. Check-out MasonsA1Mom's Design Team Posts in the Serendipity Gallery and you'll know what I mean. Gorgeous! All of the Design Team projects for this month are awesome, I just find that I am partial to Stacey's work.


Liv's Lovelies (at least these 9) are finally a reality! Here are the daisies that I promised! I like them and I hope you do too. They are 300ppi and do not have drop shadows. Oh, and they are .png files so they do not have a background. If you experience any trouble let me know. Let me know how you like them so that I will know wether to make other elements for you. Also include any request for other colors and I will do my best to make them for you. If you decide to use them, I would love to see your work so leave me a link and I'll leave you some luv!

Here's the link to download the Sketch I did last week in case you didn't see it. Sketch

Hope everyone's having a great week!


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StaceyM said...

LOL well aren't you a sweetie pie. Putting my name out there like that. I think you just say those things because I'm nice to you!!! LOL

Those daisies are beautiful. I wished I knew how to digi scrap because I can see so much potential for them from layering to scattering to clustering. Just gorgeous. Maybe I will have to try a hybrid with them!!! That I can do.