Friday, November 30, 2007


Well, I'm sure I've p----d off my reality friends. They've been so sweet trying to get me to join them for today's luncheon-I don't know why they put out so much effort for someone who just doesn't want to be there. I've tried and tried to get back up to speed with friends and family but it just isn't an easy thing for me to do nowadays. I'm getting closer to my cyber friends every day. I don't have to smile, act like I'm not in pain, satisfied or interested if I'm not. No pretenses-just the true old Liv. It really is freeing, isn't it!?

Speaking of family, I'm use to not hearing from my youngest daughter in Virginia (she has always preferred her daddy to me) but now I'm not hearing from Kim. She sent me an email yesterday and said she'd call later but she didn't. I don't like to call her because I never know what I'm ringing into! I just worry if she's taking good care of herself or not. I know the children are fine-she would never keep something to do with them from me, but she likes to hide her own condition from me. Maybe she'll come and visit tomorrow.

My friend, Jill, has an appointment with the doctor next week and promises to keep me posted. I do believe she is trying to get more sleep and rest so as not to irritate her condition.

Lynn is home from work today. If I felt better I'd use the car. I still need to get Joshua some Christmas gifts. I'll probably just shop online.

Well, I am trying to stay true to my word and posting more often. I updated all the old links to my freebies so cruise back through the postings and find them! I will start working on some more soon. I don't really have any problem at all working at the computer!

I did finally put a counter on this site. Of course the count is not correct since it started at zero and I just got it. But hey, who really cares? Ignor this----I took it off, it wasn't working correctly and was messing up the site.


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