Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It's Been Too Long!

Hello! What a week I've had! Let's see, last weekend I got to see Kim and Suzy for a while; they helped me do the shopping (Kim doing the driving, Suzy doing the lifting) and took me to breakfast. I spent the remainder of the day ensconced in from of the computer trying to get my 9,000+ digital elements organized. Sunday I watched the Panthers finally win one at home over the 49's while still working on the organizing. Then . . .

Okay! enough boring speak. You know how nice the people who scrap are? I don't know what it is
but they are a different breed altogether from other groups. I tried to do a solid for Flergs since she is always giving out Freebies to us all, well, she didn't let me get away with it! She had to send me MORE elements for my collection (I have over 900 of her elements!). She's so sweet and thoughtful even though she's up to her neck in children, designing, and making the giant collaboration Whimsical Wonderland! Wow! Have you all seen it? Don't miss out! Go to any of the participating designer's blogs and there will be links for 12 days to their wonderful kits! Let's see, there's Flergs (of course), Ellie Lash, Kristi, Idzibitsy, etc, just to name a few. Just check them out quickly before the links are expired! I've been kind of nutty over them (surprise!) and
check their respective blogs all day long. The ladies are located all over the world so I never know when the new kits are going to be uploaded. I can tell you this: these are going like hotcakes! Every time I go to download I have to wait in line to get mine-hundreds of down-loaders at a time!

I see that you have been downloading my Freebies but not many are coming back to let me know if they are useful to you or not. I would really like to know how to improve my offerings so please let me know-you can do it anonymously if you choose at the download site.

I just finished another digi layout. I really like this one! What do you think? Too much? Too little? Doesn't matter, LOL, I like it!

Oh, he was such a sweet baby! He's only 8 now and still just as loving and kind as he can be! The things I like most about him are the way he loves his family and lets them know it, his sense of wonder about all things, his happy personality, and his sense of humor!

The folks over at Serendipity are busy, busy, busy. Daily challenges, monthly challenges, special sales, questions of the day, new techniques, etc. If you're looking for a good scrapping time give them a try! They never cease to amaze me with their kindness: even though I cannot paper scrap too well right now they are still asking me to join them in their challenges and groups. Really a nice bunch of people; you know you cannot say ladies anymore-the men are joining us like crazy! Wonderful!

I'm going to go and try to make myself a blinkie! If I do, I'll post it on this site if you want to get one-who knows? maybe I'll make a good one!


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