Saturday, December 8, 2007

Check This Site Out!

You just have to go to ScrapScandiStyle and buy their charity kit for "Trevor!" It's only $9.90 and I counted 52 designers participating in this giant endeavor! You not only get something great that comes along maybe once in a digi-scrapper's lifetime but the best thing is you get to help out a fellow human being in the process!

And don't forget about the mega Christmas kit that our Designing Diva's are posting for the 12 Days of Christmas called Whimsical Wonderland! I just downloaded day 7 from Amanda's site Perfectly Imperfect Amanda. The links are permanent for now so don't miss out! Start at Sugar Snap Scraps.

There's also the designer challenge kits at Stone Accents Studio that are down-loadable for free. Just register at their gallery and look for the designer challenge. You get to vote for the designer you like best-they are currently on round two of the finals.

I've spent my entire day (hours and hours) sitting here downloading and organizing the downloads from these three sites! I wanted to work on a page today that featured Suzy but that will just have to wait because I really need to get to bed!

I don't get to see Joshua again this weekend. :( He and Suzy both have joined INDOOR soccer teams for the winter months! Those children love their sports! I'd like to go up and watch but any driving I do tomorrow (excuse me, it's today) will be short; squeezing the steering wheel is horrible on my thumbs.


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Vicki C said...

Hey , thanks for all that info... sounds like a great cause! Have a great weekend!