Sunday, December 9, 2007

I Made My Christmas Cards!

I did it! I designed and made my Christmas cards! I purposely bought 20 Christmas themed stamps to force myself to do the card thingy this year. It has just gotten so expensive to mail cards now a days that I haven't sent any out in years. I need to this year because like everyone my purse is a little thin this year. Those friends and family of mine that would normally receive a token of my affection will now be getting a card. As I've matured ( read, gotten older) I have realized that gifts of your time and effort are so much more special than something you pick up at the mall. I really do love and appreciate my friends and family and hope the feeling is mutual.
I adopted a tiny little kitten that I named "digi do" in honor of my new scrapping ability! She's at the bottom of my blog, so go play with her for a while. If you are among the complainers to our "Designing Diva's of the Whimsical Wonderland" give away, for having to wait for the Freebies, then you need to play with her for a long while until you calm down. Like my Mom always said, "never look a gift horse in the mouth!" (It took me years to figure out this little gem, LOL!)

It's getting late and I need to stop posting so late in the evening because I'm not always in the best frame of mind. But I do enjoy your comments and emails and sharing things with you! I'm working on some butterflies! I'll be sure and post them as soon as they are done but I have to get some other things out of the way first.

Have a great day! Tootles!

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