Thursday, December 20, 2007

Suzy Baby!

I was looking back on my pages and realized I haven't finished one in 10 DAYS! Christmas really keeps us busy, busy, busy! I decided to do a baby page for Suzy. We aren't sure exactly what age she is in this photo but I believe she's about 3 months old. (Her grandmother had this pic without any notations on it at all!) The journaling says: "Suzy, you were about 3 months old in this photo. I wish we had been your parents back then! Weren't you a cute little roly-poly thing!? It doesn't matter that we didn't know you then, you'll always be our baby anyway!"

I really enjoyed putting this one together-I even made the lace round to frame her photo. Of course there is a lot of Flergs' designs included. I guess we are just kindred spirits because I love everything she makes! Pick some up here. There are even quick pages available too! If you want to see the products list you can find it at DigiShopTalk gallery.

Christy at Serendipity Scrapbooks chose my Christmas cards as Picture of the Day for Wednesday! I'm glad they didn't read the inside, LOL!, I put New Yeak! instead of New Year! You'd think I would have proofed it better than that.

Have you ever gone to Vicki Chrisman's blog? This Art That Makes Me Happy? I subscribe to it because I love her projects, photos, and tidbits about her life. It really is interesting and she's a fab photog! Today she has a new project posted that was done for Fancy Pants Designs, it's really beautiful, have a look see. Turn on your speakers because she has music piped in!

Oh, I have to tell you about my night! I didn't get any sleep at all because of a squirrel! The little devil got in the attic and I think he's fallen down between the walls because he was scratching all night long! The silly cat that I call mine, Peaches, is scared to death and doesn't want to be upstairs in the loft by herself because of him! LOL! Talk about a "scaredy cat!" I sure hope he has removed himself to the outdoors by tonight. I need my rest because I'm on "Mommy worry duty" from around 9 AM tomorrow until the afternoon because Kimberli is driving to Virginia with her family to visit her father.

Well, this post turned out a lot longer than I thought it was! Hope y'all have a great night and a good day tomorrow!


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