Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My Little Christmas

Hello y'all! Well I had a Merry Little Christmas; the emphasis on "Little" being that it was only for a couple of hours on Christmas Eve and that Peaches (The Cat) keeps us from having a nice tree and decorations. Here's a page I scrapped for it.

As I told you yesterday, Kim and the children came down and had dinner with me and we exchanged gifts. Joshua's school did a wonderful fund raiser that was sure to please every loved one on your list: they had the children's signed artwork applied to coasters, hot pads, shirts, teddy bears, etc.! I got coasters and a hot pad, which are so dear to me, that I probably will forbid anyone to use them! They also gave me a beautiful set of opal and diamond earrings and a watch that I have really needed. The one I had for 24 years broke some time ago and I have been looking for a replacement and couldn't find one I liked with a stretch linked bracelet so Kim used considerable legwork and found me one that's just perfect. Joshua picked out a "handicapped pop top can opener" for me because of my hands; he is so thoughtful for an 8 year old! They also brought me my favorite scented cologne; and my traditional kitty calender!

Lynn gave me my new digital camera that I have had about a month. I didn't hear from my youngest daughter; my heart is breaking. I called and left a message but didn't hear back from her or the children. I sent an email to her office, hopefully I will know more soon. I hope little Tabba likes her camera! I got her and Suzy the same one and gave Timothy and Joshua gift cards because they are so hard to buy for.

I basically spent Christmas alone, right here in front of my computer. Lynn was here but not with me. I've decided to purchase myself a really nice gift: a new CPU with an Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 processor! Last week my current CPU just locked up on me because I didn't have enough RAM for my digital scrap page work. I did find out I can add RAM to my current setup but it might be years before LDW would install it for me and I don't have a way to get to the computer shop to have them do it. I just ordered it online from which had exactly what I wanted for more than $600 cheaper than anyone else (including the manufacturer!). I'm really excited about being able to access my organizer and editor at the same time when I digi-scrap! The only thing I'm not sure of is the operating system: the new "Vista." I don't know if it's been on the market long enough to get most of the bugs out; wouldn't it be nice to buy a setup that never had a single bug? This baby I'm using now is really a great machine but even it had to be returned to the manufacturer because of bugs that couldn't be fixed on site! So when it arrives, in a couple of weeks, I might not get online for a while because of configuring the new layout.

I've checked with some of your blogs the last two days and I see that you all are having a wonderful time this holiday season-you are missing! I'm happy for you and anyone who has their family and loved ones close during this emotional time of year. It makes you melancholy for the good old days when you get over the middle age bump and start heading down the home stretch. I really am interested in how my online friends celebrated and with whom.

Going to check with Kim about those photos she's suppose to be emailing me.

Have a great one!


Since I started this post I have received an email from Suzi. They spent Christmas alone in the woods, hunting. She said they were happy to be together and that all of them were fine.

It has taken so long for me to post (I started at 12:55) because the CPU is sooooo slow-I'm waiting at least 5 minutes every time I want to bring something into Adobe PSE! And, I haven't heard from Miss Kim yet!


Flergs said...

Hope you had a great day! It's nice to have a quiet Christmas!

Your layout with the lace & stuff is soooo gorgeous! Left you some love. You are totally rocking the digi scraping! And I just realised that cool lace was yours!! woot woot how cool.

I think we are sporting the same hardware at the moment? I know mine is a quad core. Super duper fast!!

You should post the lace freebie in the members giveaway section of DST. Or post in the blog train, then you'll get loads of traffic to your blog.

Have a great weekend and New Year!! Love ya!

Brooke - in Oregon said...

Good Morning! Love your layout and the glittery swirls :)

Thank you for the eyelet lace, it will be great for a layout of my grandaughter.

I was just over at Flergs blog and saw the great layout she did of her little Kaylee using this. totally cute